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Warning: Barbie Voice & Play Doll Fully Involved

Photo by Alexandra— Pixabay

Today was my birthday.

My daughter Niamh is sitting next to me, watching a little Over The Moon before bed on the other monitor.

We are both bathed and in our pj’s.

And just finished smashing the last of the marble birthday that my mom got me.

She has a little play doll from the dollhouse that our friends donated to us a few months back at Christmas.

We call him little dada.

He’s sitting in his little rocker on my desk with us.

Little dada is my alter ego in child form who can effectively communicate with my child…

Midnight Motivation From a Sleep-Deprived Entrepreneur

Duc Quang Tran — Pixabay

After several long months of trying to wrap my head around Facebook ads, I think I have it figured out.

After having my ads account initially disabled (annoying) and my commerce account being rejected the first several times.

So after jumping through those circus hoops with Facebook support and learning the confusing differences between an ad account, a business manager account, and a commerce account — I just finished creating my first Facebook ad.

Okay, well, not my first, but my first few attempts at running ads were horrible.

And that’s mostly because Facebook's advertising platform is a lot more…

Your Next Breakthrough is on The Horizon

Ελληνική — Unsplash

Today’s post is about a true story about a good friend of mine. For the sake of maintaining this friend's privacy, his name has been changed to Ryan for today.

We’re going to learn a little about Ryan’s story — and why it’s relevant to you being a badass at whatever you want to do in life.

Although that may be a bit of a stretch.

It’s probably not relevant or relatable at all unless you allow it to be.

Because it’s not in the exact details of other people's lives to which we can necessarily relate — but in…

No “Eating the frog” BS here.

Photo by Alexandr Ivanov — Pixabay

The morning is my favorite time of the day.

It’s the absolute best.

There’s no better feeling than waking up excited before the sun rises to do whatever it is the universe has planned for you that day.

And by that, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t have anything on your calendar or that you should meander throughout the day without direction.

Quite the opposite.

You wake up excited because you have a purpose and things to get done and achieve.

You’re clear on what you need to do, who you need to serve — and which tasks need to…

Streamline your work

Photo by Austin Distel Unsplash

As someone who has an online business, writes and has recently started making youtube videos — managing my time and using it most efficiently has been quite the learning curve.

It takes discipline and time management to be a successful creative entrepreneur.

No one is going to tell you what to do or what to work on.

No one is going to tell you what time to wake up in the morning.

No one is going to look over your shoulder every 20 minutes to make sure you’re working.

And if you’re anything like me and you have multiple tasks…

If I can do it, you can too

Thought Catalog — Unsplash

Welcome back to our March special of writing daily on Medium for March.

I’m writing to do nothing more than build my skills and develop an audience of amazing people if possible.

I’ve been writing on Medium for less than 8 months now, and I’ve published 35 times.

Which isn’t terrible.

But also not that much.

Some people publish multiple times per week, which is admirable and more challenging, to say the least.

If you can have kids and a job or even your own business and still find the time to pump out some blog posts, kudos to you.

100x Your Returns if You Take My Course + Marketing Bullshit I Know You’re Sick and Tired Of

Photo by Gerd Altmann — Pixabay

If you want to be an entrepreneur or make money on the internet, but you’ve never done so before, I’m convinced that content creation is a good start.

Learning to fluidly write a 1000 word blog post or learning to film and edit videos will be beneficial in either starting your first business.

Now it’s not necessarily essential for you to learn to create your own organic content.

But it’s highly recommended.

This time last year, I did not engage in any creative work at all.

I had published exactly 0 articles on Medium, and I had not yet started…

And Be More Intentional in Your Relationships

Photo by Olcay Ertem — Pixabay

Yesterday I argued that your clarity and confidence could be increased by being more congruent in your own mind with your identity.

We did this by following a simple exercise that focused on our view of ourselves and who we strive to be.

In the beginning, I mention our self-image and how we treat other people as being part of the foundation of that identity.

But because we only discussed how you could dial in on your self-image and who you are, today we’re going to examining the second part — your relationship with other people.

How would you ideally…

Side-Effects From a Quick exercise

Merlin Light Painting — Pixabay

Your self-image and how you actually treat other people are at the core of your identity and who you are. These factors largely dictate on a subconscious level how we direct our life.

The life you’re living right now is partly a reflection of these things.

The relationship we have with ourselves dictates the types of choices we make in life. People with higher confidence and a healthier self-image are more likely to believe they can achieve lofty or ambitious goals and make career choices based on just that — their belief in themselves or ability to do it.


I published 30 consecutive videos last month

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

You could say that I had some preconceived notions in my head about what it would be like to do YouTube before starting. To me, it seemed as simple as having a camera, hitting record — and uploading your video masterpiece for the world to see.


Except there’s one thing.

Unless you have experience filming and editing or bringing a massive following from other social platforms, your videos are unlikely to receive much (if any) engagement.

At least at first.

I don’t say this to scare or discourage anyone from starting their channel. Or to tell you it’s impossible…

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