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60 Days of Content Creation

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Mohamed Ramzee — Pixabay

I created my YouTube channel in October and I started publishing on Medium for the first time last April. In other words, I haven’t been doing this long. I wish I had started sooner. But’s that’s okay.

That doesn’t make me any less credible in sharing what I know through my experiences or conscious academic learning efforts.

My circumstances before were a bit different (let’s call it going broke and going through a custody battle — yikes), and the amount of time I was able to devote to doing something like this was minimal.

Just like you, I’ve gone through…

Jesus Is Alive — Trust

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This story turned out differently than I initially imagined. In the best way possible. I found great power in telling this true story of my life and getting some of these words out onto the page.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it.

People set loose and half-hearted New Year’s resolutions every year.

I’m not normally one of those people. I don’t commit to making some ultra-committed goal when the clock strikes midnight. It’s a nice sentiment. But slightly overrated.

If you commit to a new goal like eating healthier, making more money, or pursuing…

A Strategy You’ve Heard of Before. Told by Someone You Haven’t.

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RebeccasPictures — Pixabay

I’ve learned a lot over the last 4 years. Things have changed a lot. And time seems to be speeding up. My life now would have been unrecognizable to me just a few years ago. And in the best way possible.

Not because of anyone or anything in particular.

But because everyone and everythingin particular, has changed.

The world is changing. People and what they are doing is changing.

I’m changing.

What my mind has experienced, and what I have overcome have been groundbreaking, at least for me. …

The Showdown For Short-Form Content Creators

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Lukasbieri — Pixabay

The first video to ever be uploaded to YouTube was in 2005.

In 2006, the platform was acquired by Google for over a billion dollars.

And ever since then, the video platform has grown to have:

  • 2 billion active monthly users
  • 7 billion video views per day
  • 500 million hours of watch per 24 hours
  • 300 hours of video uploaded every 60 seconds

Pretty mind-blowing if you ask me. That’s a lot of content.

And a lot of web traffic.

Of course, video in it’s most basic form has been around longer than the dawn of YouTube.

Just how writing…

There Could Be a New Life for You to Discover

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Geralt — Pixabay

I share this insight into my story to apply the same type of thinking to your own life to find your own beliefs that are preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself possible.

Sharing these experiences in my own life is a part of the journey I’m on right now. I share it so you can live a better life.

Growing up, I never really considered myself a creative person.

When we were younger, my sister enjoyed painting.

She painted some really cool designs I still have on my wall today.

She’s the creative one —

I would…

If You’re Searching for That One Person That Will Change Your Life, Take a Look in the Mirror

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Darwin Laganzon — Pixabay

The other day I wrote about God's humor, and about how back in early 2015, I had recently gotten kicked out of college and was back home living with my parents.

I was in the midst of getting my shit together when it dawned on me that I wanted and/or needed some companion in my life.

I prayed for someone to grow with, and he gave me the person who is now the mother of my child.

If you’re interested in that story, go here after you enjoy this story.

Today I am going to tell you about the day…

There’s No Such Thing as a Self Made Man

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Sasin Tipchai — Pixabay

They say that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. There is much truth to that statement.

Your friends, co-workers, peers — and family directly impact who you will become and what it is that you’re currently doing.

The quality of your life comes down to several important factors. Your physical well-being, for instance, has a large impact on your perceived quality of life. Your ability to access information is another. Your current mental state and your perceived level of happiness could be added to the list.

Above all — your life's quality…

It’s Not About Knowing What to; It’s Doing What You Know

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Things have been good for the entrepreneurial endeavors these past few days.

My business partner and friend Jerris Sensabaugh and I have been hustling on getting our systems for Beach Authority LLC set up.

In the last few days, that includes setting up our google merchant account, google analytics account, Facebook shop, and Instagram shop — among other things.

I’ve also been playing around with my new mirrorless digital camera—a Canon M50 Mark II, as well as my new video editing software, Adobe Premiere pro.

Both have been a challenge, and I admittedly haven’t created nearly as much video content…

it might just bite you in the ass a bit

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SJJP — Pixabay

I’ve considered myself a Christian for the majority of my life. I grew up attending church most Sundays going back as far as I remember, and was baptized at 8 years old.

From ages 8–15, it was more or less something I was forced to do as part of the family. Sometimes we didn’t feel like waking up early on Sunday to go.

Around age 15, I went to my first youth camp. I vividly remember being touched by the holy spirit and feeling its pull on me and my life.

Growing up attending church, we had always prayed, but…

Your Life Will Change for the Better

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Comfreak — Pixabay

Although I had begun publishing on Medium a few months before losing my job, it wasn’t until after losing my job 40 days ago that I began taking this whole “ work for myself” thing a bit more seriously.

I have found great power in jumping into content creation. Whether it be writing, filming YouTube videos, creating social media ads, or working on graphic design for an upcoming website, there is always something that needs to be crafted, made, designed — or created.

This has been a gratifying experience, and not because of the money it has made me.


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