Life Takes Meaning When You Set Goals, Become Motivated — And Charge After Those Goals With Unstoppable Force

It’s Not About Knowing What to; It’s Doing What You Know

Things have been good for the entrepreneurial endeavors these past few days.

My business partner and friend Jerris Sensabaugh and I have been hustling on getting our systems for Beach Authority LLC set up.

In the last few days, that includes setting up our google merchant account, google analytics account, Facebook shop, and Instagram shop — among other things.

I’ve also been playing around with my new mirrorless digital camera—a Canon M50 Mark II, as well as my new video editing software, Adobe Premiere pro.

Both have been a challenge, and I admittedly haven’t created nearly as much video content for Youtube this month. Mostly because of that learning curve and having family in town last week for Thanksgiving.

Last night I finally sat down and recorded several clips on the camera sitting in my bedroom, adjusting the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed between each one.

There’s definitely a reason that colleges and universities offer full flown cinematography classes. There are many things to note and pay attention to when creating a high-quality video.

Anyone can pick up a camcorder and start recording, but it takes a particular level of skill to create stunning, eye-catching videos.

Perhaps I have overthought the entire thing, but I’ve been willing to put in the work to learn. We signed up and joined skillshare, which I am a fan of.

In the past, I’ve enjoyed have enjoyed using Udemy as an online learning platform. Still, the difference between Udemy and skillshare is that on Udemy, you pay for each course by itself.

In contrast, on Skillshare, you sign up for either a monthly or yearly membership with unlimited learning capabilities. I took a course on Adobe Premiere Pro, and it’s been helpful.

I’m also working on launching a brand, Beach Authority. This includes setting up and building our website, which included designing the site and deciding which theme, colors, and photos to use. Deciding on which apps and plugins to install, and then taking the time to learn how they work and properly implement and use them.

It’s not enough to install the app — you need to know how to use it.

Our site is built on Shopify, although there are many platforms in which you could choose to build and launch a site. Anyone can do it. But you better be ready and willing to put in some work to figure out what it is your doing.

It would be best to have your product or service and shipping logistics ready to go once the site is built. At the moment, our only flagship product is a pair of polarized bamboo sunglasses.

In the future, Beach Authority is to be a place where people who love and enjoy the coastal lifestyle can go to pick up apparel, decor for their home — or gear for the beach so that they can enjoy their next getaway, or bring the beach lifestyle to them.

We have a lot to do in terms of product research, site layout, and design, marketing, and further identifying our target market, which at the moment is a little fuzzy.

But you have to start somewhere.

In addition to starting a personal brand that I have a huge vision for, I created Matt Davis Motivation on YouTube and in the future will know as MDM Enterprises.

Matt Davis Motivation is a small channel that is recorded, edited, and produced by myself, Matthew Davis.

As I mentioned above, I am jumping into video creation with no prior YouTube or professional video editing experience. This is being done to motivate and inspire others. In the first month of recording, I knew that I wanted to motivate and inspire others, but to do what I was a little unclear on.

As each day passes, I am finding clarity in that mission and purpose:

Motivate and inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and start that creative hobby that has been on the sidelines for months or maybe years.

Motivating and inspiring others to believe in themselves and harness their own inner greatness that God has instilled in them.

Motivate and inspire others to become self-learners instead of relying on the traditional learning method, which is extremely limited in its ability to get you to think on your own and ultimately find your true meaning and purpose.

Motivate and inspire others to have faith in God and allow him to be the master of their lives.

Motivate and inspire others to take bold and courageous action towards their highest goals and dreams, and settle for nothing less.

We have become a society that settles for mediocrity. There is no reason that in 2020 and beyond that, you cannot leverage the power of the internet to create, learn, and capitalize on the many resources available to you.

MDM Ent. will be a motivational and personal development consultancy firm that other personal development consultants need guidance and resources to develop their own businesses further.

Whether this it be further business education, networking with people like themselves, or optimizing their current business model to extend their reach further than it currently does within their target market.

Talk about a vision.

Furthermore, allow my own vision for my life to motivate you to create a bold and impactful vision for your own.

It’s Not Who You Are That Holds You Back, It’s Who You Think Your Not.— Eric Thomas

Suppose you haven’t read Benjamin Hardy, Ph.D. Personality Isn’t Permanent book. I would highly recommend it.

He talks about many things, but among the most empowering is publically stating and ultimately building and designing your future self.

Your either allowing life to happen to you, or you’re happening to life around you.

Many people wake up each day, lacking a clear and bold vision for their life.

We all have big and wild dreams that we would like to achieve. Yet somehow, in a world that could be perceived as crumbling around us, we have lost hope and courage actually to pursue and chase those dreams.

We live and take action on things that others have in mind for us, like getting a degree in something we aren’t truly passionate about, or living to impress others around us, mainly our parents or maybe friends who aren’t capable of creating a magnificent vision for us.

Only you can do that for yourself.

Only you can know what you’re truly good at and design that life for yourself.

Only you can do it—no one else.

Stop living to meet other people's standards or do what they want you to do or what you think will make them happy or pleased.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” — Les Brown.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Even if you don’t achieve everything you set out to, you will be leagues ahead of the mediocre majority.

And besides,

“What You Achieve From Reaching Goals Isn’t As Important as Who You Will Become by Reaching Your Goals.” — Zig Ziglar

Thanks for reading.

Follow for more updates and continuous motivational content that will motivate you to live your best damn life ever — whatever that looks like for you.

25 -Father -Founder/CEO 😎| My Purpose is To Motivate & Inspires others | YouTube 👉

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